Do you have an information product to sell but aren't sure about how to go promoting it? Good promotion of your products and services are a vital part to your business's success, so you should do everything that you can to learn about marketing as you should. If you're strapped for cash, you should start by selling your product on the internet since online costs are really low.

You may want to consider selling your product in a digital format to get started since it's a fast way to get your product delivered to your customer. After they purchase from your website, they can instantly download your product and you'll earn a nice 100% commission from your sale.

If you're stuck on ideas for what to make for your first information product, then maybe this article can help. Inside of this article, you will learn a few products that you can create for getting started in the information marketing business. Here's the first kind of product that you can make.

1) A short report

These are usually around 20-40 pages long and contain high quality information even though they are short. I've read short reports that were better than the 100 to 200-page books that I've found online. So you should be daunted at all by the fact that you're making a short book. Just fill it up with high quality information.

The magic number to price your initial report at is around $7-$20. $7 is at the lowest price range and $20 is at the upper. This should lead to an easy sale for you as this is not alot of money to invest in a good product.

This kind of product isn't something that you will get rich of. You should use it to pay bills or to buy groceries throughout the week. You main goal for this kind of product should be to learn how to market them so that you can test the waters with your efforts. Here's another kind of product that you can create.

2) An interview

To get a quick and easy product done, simply interview someone. It's much faster than putting together an audio product on your own and is a quick and easy way to extract tons of valuable information from someone. After you create your interview, you should give the interviewee a chance to have the interview also so that they can use it as a marketing device.

To record the phone conversation for your interview, you can use a free program such as skype. To record the phone interview, there's a product called Powergramo that you can use. And when editing the final piece, you can use a free tool called Audacity to finish it off.

Both of these ways are easy ways for you to get a product done and to start earning money with your products. You may wish to price the interview at around the same price as your short report, but the decision is totally up to you. Good luck with making your information product, and getting sales from it.

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