VirtueMart or mambo-phpShop is an e-commerce solution. It is an open source by nature and it is designed as an extension of the Mambo or Joomla content management systems (CMS). The programming is done in PHP and uses MySQL database environment for storage. The program in VirtueMart is suitable for low to medium range of traffic web-sites. If you are a business house or an ecommerce website or any other firm selling your articles or services online, you can go for Virtuemart. If you are already using Virtuemart, you are definitely going to need help for Virtuemart jobs. Businesses can get help for their Virtuemart jobs from or rather from the freelancers or solvers. ShortTask allows employers or businesses to post their tasks or projects on the website and allows them to associate some reward for the solvers or freelancers performing them. A seeker can post any number of projects of any value and make them available to solvers. Once the solvers complete the task they submit it to seekers through ShortTask. Now the task is ready to be checked by the seeker. On finding the task successfully completed, seekers can go ahead and approve the task for payments. Only if the seeker finds the task well done, the seeker can release payments.

ShortTask has come as a great help to both Seekers and Solvers. Seekers or employers do not have to spend time and resources on hiring people for short term projects like Virtuemart jobs, as they can get it done through ShortTask. Solvers get an extra income by working on these tasks. Students, housewives, senior citizens, housewives or just anybody can work on tasks at Short Task. The website has professionals with diverse qualifications or skills registered with it. Be it data entry, editing, rewriting, programming or graphical design, Short Task has freelancers from all over the world to work on them. It is a great opportunity for those who want to earn some more, as there are no ceilings on your earnings. The more you work or the more tasks you complete, the more are your earnings. Get yourself registered with Short Task today and start making money online!

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